Elite Inspection Services, Inc.

The Inspection

what to expect

We at EIS provide a comprehensive inspection which includes the following:

Exterior - The entire exterior is fully inspected.  The siding or masonry type is identified including any defect areas.  The sidewalks, steps, stoops, patios, porches, and decks are all inspected.

Roof - The roof is walked.  Roofing material and condition is identified.  The chimney, flashing, ventilation, soffits, fascias, gutters and downspouts are all inspected and their condition noted.

Heating/Air-Conditioning- The furnace, boiler, ductwork, water piping, and ventilation are inspected.  The age of the furnace will be noted and any defects will be identified.  The air conditioner compressor, associated ductwork, and distribution system are inspected, the age determined, and any defects will be noted.

Plumbing- The water heater age and condition will be identified.  The ventilation for the water heater will be inspected.  The water supply and waste lines are inspected.  All fixtures, faucets, sinks, toilets, showers, and hose spigots will be inspected and any defects will be identified.

Electrical- The main panel is opened.  The size of the electric service is noted.  The branch wiring is inspected and any defects present are noted.  A representative number of switches, outlets, and fixtures are tested.  GFCI outlets (if present) are tested.  The presence of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are identified.

Structure- The foundation type and condition will be identified.  The floor joists, beams, posts, sub-floor, wall structure, and ceiling structure will be inspected and identified.  The roof structure (attic) will be entered and its condition identified.  Any defects will be noted.

Interior- The interior will be completely inspected.  The kitchen and any appliances will be inspected and tested.  The bathrooms will be inspected including all fixtures.  The attic insulation and ventilation type will be identified.  Windows will be tested.  All walls, floors, ceilings, doors, handrails and stairs will be fully inspected.


Surviving a Home Inspection for Buyers and Sellers:


Educate yourself.  What is a home inspection?  What will the home inspection tell you?

Plan ahead for the inspection.  Talk to your realtor and make sure all parties involved are aware of when the inspection will occur.

Make sure all utilities are on.  Utilities can only be inspected when they are on.   

Multi-unit buildings.  Make sure access is allowed to all units.

Additional Testing. Decide if you want any additional testing after the home inspection.  EIS offers radon testing as and addition to the home inspection.



1.  Prepare the house.  Make sure the house is clean and tidy.

        1.  This makes a good impression on the buyer

        2.  This may indicate good home maintenance as well

        3.  Keep all areas accessible for home inspection 

b.  Perform any applicable home maintenance possible before listing house or before home inspection

    1.  Scrape and paint any peeling paint on wood

    2.  Trim vegetation away from the house

    3.  Get rid of clutter